LCRA Volunteer Program

LCRA is a 501C(3) Non-profit organization run almost entirely on the time and talents of its valuable members. Without your passion for the great sport of rowing, LCRA and it’s very successful programs would not exist. When members participate in acts of volunteerism, it fuels the club by distributing the the tasks and work needed to ensure that LCRA is sustainable. It helps keep membership dues lower by LCRA not needing to pay out-of-pocket expenses for a variety of critical expenditures, and the savings can be used for equipment, repair, and maintenance needs. The biggest benefit is that it helps prevent burnout of a small number of volunteers and creates a more desirable and sustainable LCRA.


All members are required to participate in the LCRA Volunteer Program with the following number of hours for each program.

  • Middle School Program – 5 hours per season
  • High School Programs – 10 hours per season
  • Masters Program – 10 hours every six months/20 hours/year 
If you are unable to fulfill the required hours for your program, you may buy out the hours at $20 per hour. These funds will go towards the LCRA equipment, maintenance, and repair budget.

Get Started

  1. Review the Committees and Skills/Tasks section below.
  2. Select the Committee(s) that best match your skills and passion
  3. Visit the LCRA Volunteer Genius Page and sign up for your committee(s)
  4. Questions or comments? Please contact a committee chairperson orYouth parents contact Keri Caridi ; Masters members, contact Michelle Cantrell

Committees, Skills & Tasks

Equipment Committee (Chairperson: Mark Vantrease)
Members: LCRA President – Mark Vantrease , Youth/Adult Coach – Keith Young,

Works on maintenance and repair of existing rowing related equipment including shells, oars, launches, motors, boats, trailers, cox boxes, ergometers. Organizing club equipment repair, coordinating with Safety Committee to ensure equipment is safe and supplies are available. 

Skills/Tasks Needed:  Equipment Repair; Erg Cleaning/Maintenance; Inventory Control; Launch Motor Maintenance; Oar Repair; Shell Repair; Boat and Food Trailer Maintenance; Sling Maintenance.

Facilities Committee (Chairperson: )
This committee addresses issues with the boathouse, immediate grounds, security, and with all those things that are not directly rowing equipment. Keeps lists of future and past projects and accomplishments.

Skills/Tasks Needed:  Carpentry, Dock Repair (screws etc.), General Maintenance, Household, Painting, Power Washing, Sweeping Boathouse, Washing Towels, Outside Storage.

LCRA Social Committee (Chairperson: )
Welcomes new members and orients new members to the club. Organizes club gatherings, including annual banquet and other events.

Skills/Tasks Needed: Party Planning & Organizing

Regatta Committee (Chairperson: Dana Kelly )
Spearheads the operation of the LCRA-run regatta LOLI (Leader of the Lake Invitational)

Skills/Tasks Needed: US Rowing Filing, Course Applications, Regatta Central Setup, Public Relations City Officials Hiring, Course Installation/Removal, Entries, Lodging Coordination, Directing Traffic; Launch Driving; Safety; Mechandising.

Rowing Development Committee (Chairperson: Mark Vantrease)
Works with the coaching staff to identify gaps and potential challenges within and between programs and develop solutions/ideas to address member needs of the various rowing programs.

Skills/Tasks Needed:  Effective Problem Solving, Collaboration.

Merchandise Committee (Chairperson: Wendy Goodyear)
Helps design, price and purchase club apparel as needed. Make club apparel available at club functions and to members. Periodically, poll the membership to determine what items might be added to inventory. Track sales. Help design, price and purchase commemorative t-shirts for club-hosted races, including volunteer shirts. Coordinates sponsor logos with the Marketing Committee.

Skills/Tasks Needed: Merchandising; Graphic Design; Creativity

Fundraising Committee (Chairperson: )
The Fundraising Committee is responsible for developing a fundraising
strategy for the club; works to develop various means to raise funds, including but not limited to
auctions, corporate sponsorship corporate team building outings, grants, etc.; develop sponsorship
proposals; build relationships with local businesses and funding providers / Negotiate sponsorships
with local businesses; organize innovative fundraising activities that support all LCRA programs;
and liaise with the Marketing Committee to ensure news of sponsorship or fundraising efforts is

Skills/Tasks Needed: Planning, Organizing, Event Planning, Relationship Building, Financial Management, Effective Communication

Marketing & Communications Committee (Chairperson: Dana Kelly)
The Marketing and Communications Committee is
responsible for LCRA Brand marketing and public outreach, develop annual marketing plans
including digital integration strategies and social media channel expansion, establish effective
communication channels for members, staff, visitors, and the community at large; standardize
social media platforms (Instagram™, Facebook ™, TikTok™) coverage for all event(s) to
increase community awareness and highlight LCRA athletes; manage administrative rights for
each LCRA communication platform and maintain a capabilities log; plan publicity campaign(s)
with approval of the Board, establish appropriate publicity channels and serve as liaison to other
committees for all communication needs.

Skills/Tasks Needed:  Graphic Design; Social Media; Copy Editing; Promotions; Photography and Video; Website Design and Management; Relationship Building.

Safety Committee (Chairperson: )
The Safety and Equipment Committee will include the Head Youth Coach and the Head Adult Coach and is responsible for the maintenance of all of the Corporation’s equipment including Kippy safety kits, shells, oars, launches, motors, boats, trailers, 30 cox boxes, ergometers, and related rowing equipment. This includes evaluation, purchase, transportation, maintenance, and safekeeping; developing and instituting a Boat House Safety and Equipment Usage policy. This includes SOP (Standard operating procedures) checklists and routine policy training for coaches, instructors, and officers. Coaches, instructors, and the Safety Committee will be alert to safety infractions or unsafe practices and recommend corrections as appropriate.

Skills/Tasks Needed: First Aid and Safety Skills; Knowledge/Learning USRowing Safety Protocols.