Adult Rowing Programs

Adult rowing, also known as Masters rowing, is for adults of all athletic backgrounds and ages (over 18 and not in high school). We offer a variety of opportunities to match any skill level or competitive interest. If you have never done anything athletic, we welcome you! And for adults with athletic backgrounds or experience, there are many pathways to integrating rowing into your life. 


All of our programs take place on one of the most beautiful locations, Lake Minneola, part of the famous Clermont Chain of Lakes and from of the most striking and spacious boathouses in Florida. If you imagined taking yourself on a lifelong athletic journey, want to tap into your competitive juices, or simply desire to get out into the fresh air and enjoy nature, rowing could be your pathway! The master rowers at LCRA are a fun and diverse group. We also welcome experienced, ex-collegiate and club rowers from other programs worldwide who are ready to jump right into some competitive rowing and racing. If you are relocating to the Clermont / Lake County / West Orange County area, and have been training to race, this is the perfect place to get on the water with rowers at your experience level.



ATHLETE / CROSS TRAINING – Excellent for those looking to use rowing a either a primary training regimen or as a method of cross training. Coach lead sessions. More intense workouts and skill improvement without necessarily working towards competition, though athletes might consider a more competitive focus going forward.


RACING – Training with others, under coach supervision, instruction and direction, towards the goal of competitive rowing against adult rowers from other clubs in Florida and around the U.S. Usage of modern technical, physiological and psychological training methods for individuals and teams. Part of a holistic annual training plan for both on and off the water, including constructive feedback and coaching.


EXPERIENCED – Can join at anytime and continue to develop and improve their technique. For session dates, times, and membership, email or text us with the information below.


NEW TO ROWING (NOVICE) – For those with no rowing experience we ask that you complete a Learn to Row session which we offer several times throughout the year. These sessions are for everyone! No experience needed. This is a great way to get fit and have fun. You will gain an insight into the world of rowing and learn the basics of the sport. For more info email or text us with the information below.


PRIVATE LESSONS – We want to teach you to row! If you’re new to rowing or just want to improve your technique, a coach will meet with you at your convenience. After work? Over lunch? Let us know. Scheduling is subject to coach availability.


LAND-ONLY GROUP SESSIONS – Off the water program that offers a unique experience for rowers and non-rowers alike to build fitness, improve technique, and become a part of our LCRA community both on and off the water. This rowing machine and mobility / movement session is a great opportunity to build or maintain fitness any season of the year. Mobility component is designed to help prevent injuries in adult rowers by addressing strength and mobility deficits. Will include general assessment techniques so each participant is focusing on their individual needs.


INDEPENDENT ROWING – Adult rowers who prefer to enjoy the solitude of rowing by themselves or can find others to form a group for a more row without a coach.


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